Thailand’s Worst Flood 2011: Timeline

Flood in front of Central by Bangkok Post

It’s hard to believed that it’s been 4 months now for flood situation in Thailand. We take a look back to see what happened in the past. Some assessment is correct, some is just to cause panic.

The timeline still need to covered the date of Thammasat shelter initiated, Big Bag things, worst-case scenario warning, inundated of Facebook and Twitter timeline, parking on the toll ways, bad water, grocery ran out, etc. which we’ll update it from time to time.


Aug 2 Nok Ten storm hits Thailand’s eastern and nothern region
Aug 15 Flood in Nakhon Sawan province


Sep 4 Flood in Singburi
Sep 8 Flood in Chainat
Sep 11 Flood in Lopburi
Sep 14 Flood in Uthai Thani
Sep 20 Floods in Ayutthaya
Sep 29 Officials announce this flood could be much worse than the one 15 years ago



Oct 1 Pasak Jolasit Dam (the one nearest to Bangkok) at 136% capacity
Oct 2 All of Ayuthaya province declared disaster area
Oct 3 Evacuation of Sing Buri begins
Oct 4 Floods hit Lampang
Oct 5 Floods at Saharat Nakhon Industrial Estate and Wat Chai Watthanaram in Ayutthaya
Oct 8 Bangkok City Hall holds water dispelling ritual to ask the water godness for mercy
Oct 13 Floods in Nonthaburi and water breach at Hitech Industrial Estate

“Right now everything is under control. If we can’t control it, we will let people know right away” — PM Yingluck Shinawatra

“Please, just listen to me and me alone” — Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra

Oct 16 Floods at Bangpa-in Industrail Estate
Oct 17 Floods in Pathumthani; PM Yingluck showcases her Burberry boots
Oct 19 Floods reach Rangsit. PM aska Bangkok Gov. to open the flood gates. Gov. refuese

Oct 21-23

“Flood waters are coming from every direction and we cannot control them because it’s a huge amount of water” — PM Yingluck Shinawatra

“Next week will be the next difficult moment for us. but who knows water?” Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra

Oct 24 Thammasat University flood shelter moved to Rajamangala Stadium. Water reaches Don Muang.
Oct 25 Roo su flood video released
Oct 27 to 31 Government announce holiday and urge people in Bangkok to stay elsewhere. This caused people panic, build dykes and stockpiling.
Oct 29 FROC moved to PTT Headquater (Enegy Compelx); Flood water threatens Bangkok’s Grand Palace
Oct 30 Egg prices rise as high as 8 THB each
Oct 31 FROC: Drinange of floods expected to take about 10 days.



Nov 1 Western Bangkok said to bear largest amount of flooding. Klong Prapa is flooded.
Nov 2 “Whole  city is at risk of flooding” say authorities after opening of sluice gate in Eastern Bangkok.
Nov 4 Flood advancing to 5 Yeak Lad Prao, Rama II Road, Lad Prao Road and Ratchadapisek Road (near Ratchadapisek MRT station).
Nov 11 Government announce allocation of 5,000 THB to flood victims.
Nov 17 Flood on Ratchadapisek Road, 5 Yeak Lad Prao and near-by is gone.
Nov 28 Inner Bangkok area back to normal, business and mall open as usual except Lak Si, Don Muang, Phasi Charoen, Tawiwattana, Bangplad area



Dec 1 Nonthaburi, Pathumthani and some district of Bangkok still flood


Source: BK Magazine; Friday November 11, 2011 (No. 413); Bangkok Post Newspaper
Photo: Bangkok Post Newspaper

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