Thailand’s Worst Flood: Situation Update 19 Nov 2011

Daily period is quite enough if you are not in high-alert area. Too much watching twitter timeline and repeatedly TVs program will panic you!

We’d like to have the list short and comprehensive.

Update 19 November 2011 –There have been man reports of flood water receding significantly, however, please do not rush and assume everything is back to normal. Kindly monitor the situation first.

Phaholyothin Road (around Chatuchak Weekend Market, Kam Pang Pet and Chatuchak Park MRT station), Lard Prao area from 5 Yeak Lard Prao intersection to Sena. Viphavadhi-Rangsit Roard, advancing to Suthisarn Intersection. Ratchadapisek Road from Major Cineplex Ratchayothin to Chaopraya Park Hotel (near Ratchadapisek MRT station). Flood is now receded and the area is recovered as normal.

The flood still remain at the northern and eastern of Bangkok, Bang Khen and some Lard Prao area.

For Western Bangkok, flood advancing to Rama 2 Road and kind of stable.

The flood in Nonthaburi and Phathumthani still in serious state.

Graphics Wrap-up

(Not updated since we haven’t got newer version till now but it will help you understand what district you’re in)


Map as 1 Nov 2011 by The Nation


Bangkok Post - Flood situation in Bangkok as of 8pm on Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Flood advancing map by Bangkok Post (3 Nov 2011)

You need to know that …

  • The flood caused by several reason 1) Too much water from northern Thailand 2) Tides (morning and evening) which affected only riverside 3) Water in Klong (canal) rise 4) Raining locally.
  • Unless you are living in High Alert area (let’s say 5 Km radius from current flood), Riverside or near Klong, please do not panic — but prepared. Know your road, district and area for effective evacuation.
  • There are dikes preventing inner Bangkok from flooded, you’ll hear the news of breaking, patching and fixing these dikes all the times.
  • The flood in Bangkok seems to move toward Gulf of Thailand slower than estimation, this is because of the dikes, the road and complexity of urban city plan. However, please do not ignore if you are in High Alert zone. It may slow but fast enough to inundate and make you stuck in your place, unable to evacuate in time.
  • FROC (we assume you heard it) take charge in control this situation, but the news said they are not quite effective. Bangkok is a special administrative area so flood in Bangkok will be prevented mainly by BMA.

Okay, how much time do we have?

The flood in Bangkok seems to advancing through the drain and sewage pipe (ewww!). The speed is 2-3 Km per day.


Flooded Area

  • Avoid at all cost! – These areas are already flooded.
    • Province: Nonthaburi, Ayuthaya, Pathum Thani, Ang Tong, Sing Buri, Chai Nat, Lop Buri, Suphan Buri, Chan Choeng Sao, Nakorn Nayok, Prachin Buri
    • Bangkok District: Tawee Wattana, Taling Chan, Bang Plad, Don Muang, Lak Si, Sai Mai, Bang Khen, Klong Samwa, Chathujak, Lad Prao
  • Pay High Attention – These areas have very high tendency to be flooded in next few days (or hours).
    • Bangkok District: Bang Sue, Wang Thong Lang, Bang Chan, Nong Chok, Nong Kham, Pasi Charoen, Bangkok Noi, Dindang
  • The rest is kind of safe – There are still dry and seem governor do whatever it takes to keep it dry (but please be prepared).


Flood Movement

Floodwater seem to advancing the western and eastern of Bangkok slowly. We may see it circling, not breakthrough inner Bangkok yet.


Hopping Around

  • BTS, MRT and ARL still operates as normal. Except MRT, they closed only some of entrances of every station as preventive measure.
  • For MRT, if only flood level is very high (more than 1.5 meters) they will shut down the station but not the whole route.
  • Taxi will go anywhere if still dry. You may found a bit hard to hail since the taxi amount is decreased significantly.
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) still operates as normal. Don Muang Airport (DMK) is closed. Nok Air and Orient operate at BKK temporarily.
  • Don’t be surprised if see cars park on the toll way and bridge unordered. This is to avoid flood. Pay attention if you drive.


Living Life

All bank and private sector still operate as normal but some office decided to have their employee to stay home or work at home. Many offices move to remote area or secondary site (such as Cholburi) for the time being.

Thai people may stockpiling and panic every time they heard the word ‘flood’ so if heard please cite the source first.

Bank, office and government in flooded area are closed. Those in dry area may limited their business hours just to 5pm or 6pm.

The tap water may a bit smelly (dirt or chlorine), discolored or clogged. You may need to boil or filter first. We also suggest you to reserve water for personnel use.

There have been several reported of crocodiles and snakes so please be careful.



You may not be able to buy bottled water, instant noodle and some canned food at this time. Many of items became scarce due to logistics degradation. This affected to all hypermart and convenience store (7-Eleven, Family Mart).

The reason behind this seems to be panic stockpiling. Now we can see some imported goods from Malaysia and Indonesia.



Some restaurant is closed (that included Starbucks). Some may not have full menu availability. But this is not crisis yet, we still have plenty of shop open. Business hours may limited even in dry zone.



Shopping mall in inner Bangkok and dry area operate as normal. Many in flooded area and high-alert area are closed. Car park is limited since some cars’ owner park overnight to avoid flood. But anyway, Siam Paragon and Terminal 21 still crowded.


Entertainment and Business Event

Lot of event are cancelled or postponed. Muang Thong Thani still dry however many events held there are postponed. Please check with organizer first.

Now going to Muang Thong Thani is a bit difficult so please spare some times. Be advised that its surrounding area is in heavy flooded.


Watch the news

Thai PBS has daily English flood situation brief, around 8.30pm – 9pm everyday. Please check out their schedule.

You can also check out created by TAT for useful and reliable information.


Why are we creating this page?


We’ve seen in the twitter timeline that some useful information should be written in English so traveler, foreigner and expats here can catch up with the flood situation here in Thailand (especially Bangkok). Thai Flood Relief, which most of content written in Thai, would like to have some situation brief in English so you guys can check daily for situation development.


There are still dry places to go! You can still enjoy others unaffected provinces such as Chonburi, Phuket or Chiang Mai.


We will keep improve and update this page so please follow us @ThaiFloodRelief and our Facebook



The Nation – 1
Bangkok Post –  1 2

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